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The following posts are part of the Autumn/Winter 2018-19 Issue. Articles in this issue contain information about harmful media and statistics, how to teach your child to stand for godliness, how to run a business the godly way, and find out what it means to be “unchristian” in the body of Christ. Have you ever wondered what Jesus meant by “a memorial would be spoken of her”? Read about that and many more topics in this issue. Plus, read the beautiful testimony of a Jewish girl who found the Messiah.

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What It Means to Come to Jesus Like a Little Child

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Some people never experience the real, tangible power of God.

Some people experience God through answered prayer.

However, some people, like the people in the Bible, experienced God in tremendous ways.

To name a few:
Moses saw the burning bush and was given a rod that turned into a snake, and he saw the Red Sea part.

Abraham spoke with God who came in three persons to visit him at his house.

Paul had the bright light of God shine on him.

All of these men also heard the audible voice of God. Plus, I could name countless more people and experiences. However, some Christians today never have those apostolic experiences.

I am one of those people who has experienced many encounters with God too and I would like to share why I think those things happened to me, but often do not happen to other people.

Jesus tells us to come to Him like a little child.

When I look back at the early experiences I had with God, one thing is apparent. I barely knew anything about the Bible, to the point of blind faith, but to trust Him and I believed with a whole heart. From there, I had to continue and follow.

For instance, I grew up with a girl who had a father who was a pastor. Therefore, she grew up in the church and was taught certain things like “the baptism that comes by fire and spiritual gifts and power had ended with the apostles.” So, when I told her about certain events that happened to me, she could not believe it and rejected what I was saying to her because my experience shook the foundation given by her pastor father. Yet, she was not the only one.

God also spoke to me in an audible voice twice in church. He also spoke many things to me during the summer that I had a heavy anointing on me after that fire baptism. He was so delighted and would wake me up with different chiming bells in the morning as He would speak things to me. I don’t share some of these things to boast as if I am some great person, but I share to boast in the power, promises, and reality of God.

It is so interesting to me that whenever I shared certain God experiences that happened to me, several people who called themselves Christians, did not believe me. The main problem they had was that they thought they knew the answers, but their answers were wrong, even when I showed the scriptures to prove it.

Jesus tells us that whenever someone is stuck in their own belief, they have a heart that is waxed gross. This means it becomes disgustingly fat with ignorance and this is what happened to those who did not believe. In the end, this means that they did not have a child-like faith in Christ, they had a faith in what they were taught to believe.

Coming to Jesus as a little child means that we must be open to what He wants to show us. Sure, you can read the Bible and draw a conclusion, which is important and must be done, but always ask God to help your unbelief if something sounds unbelievable. Having a God experience— which comes by faith— and then seeing the evidence of that experience in the Bible, is priceless.

Don’t you see that this is why Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come to Me and do not hinder them.”?

Children trust and believe.

God teaches us and then the Bible is the support of that tangible evidence.

Children come to learn without an agenda or a list of “what they think they already know.” That is child-like faith.

If you are one of those church-attending people who has never experienced God in an earth-shattering way, you might need to shake some stuff off; the stuff that rejects His power and Word. Humbly come to Jesus like a little child, in repentance, and ask Him to show you what you do not know. He is the amazing God who changed me into a new woman who barely recognizes the woman I used to be. He is the living God who pours out knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, which may very well come with power and might, for you to share with others. Cite this article: Please update the Accessed or Retrieved date (September 13, 2015).

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