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Is Christianity a “white religion?”  In this issue, read topics about race and racism in the Bible, discover how to study the Bible effectively, and learn if you are a Christian racist.  Also, find out why it’s not that great to be a Barnabas, learn how the prosperity gospel hurts Christians, and why is it important for women to be shamefaced?  Plus, check out an article by contributing writer, Pat Jeanne Davis.

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The Unusual Suspects: Bahaí

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A religion claiming to know God with a strong emphasis on racial equality


Exhibit A.

Claims to know the one true God

Exhibit B.

Strives for unity, fellowship, selflessness, generosity, truthfulness, and humility

Exhibit C:

They got their doctrine from a Persian prophet who claimed his teaching was to prepare the way for “He whom God shall make manifest— the Promised One of all ages.

Exhibit D:

They use words and phrases such as heaven, grace, divinity, sovereign Lord of all, Day Star of truth, Prophets, eternal, and born of God.

Exhibit E

They even claim to accept Jesus.


  • To draw people to become more unified
  • To support racial equality
  • To promote diversity
  • To live out their prophet’s will calling it God’s will
  • To convince people that their way prepares the way for God
  • To accept people of all religions and unify them under Bahaí


The first time I met a Bahaí believer, they kept talking about racial equality the entire time. They claimed to believe in God and were striving to spread the message of unity among all people and faiths. They rejected that Jesus Christ puts His Holy Spirit inside of a believer.


The Bahaí believer thinks that God is generally unknowable. If they claim to believe in Jesus, it is not the truth because they do not adhere to His teachings nor His doctrine.

Strive to convince them that anyone can know God personally, but through Jesus Christ. Jesus proves it by putting God’s Holy Spirit inside of a person’s body when they repent and believe that there is only one true God through Jesus Christ.

You can also stress that God desires everyone to believe in Him, which is why other religions that serve other gods are not right. God does not share worship space and unity with people who bow to other gods. There is only one God who can be known personally for all who believe. He proves Himself through Christianity alone.


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