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Spring/Summer 2019 Debut
Spring/Summer 2019 Debut

In this final issue, read about curses and blessings. Find out why Elisha cursed his servant, discover how to cut off curses in your family, learn about why Moses was unable to enter the promised land and what that teaches us, and read about the sneakiest sin that most church people commit today. Plus, a few more! Read Now

Autumn/Winter 2018-19 Issue Debut
Autumn/Winter 2018-19 Issue Debut

In this issue, read articles about the sins that ticked off God, why we need Christian moms right now, how to teach your child to stand strong, why men need their #metoo, how to run a business the godly way, and more. Plus, read about the latest, young contributing writer who tells her story about how her and her Jewish family came to Christ. This issue also has six new DSTs. Read More

Spring/Summer 2018 Issue Debut
Spring/Summer 2018 Issue Debut

Read the Spring/Summer 2018 Issue on A Woman {Saved} Magazine! Topics include: Christians Packing Heat ?; Scriptures comforting those who mourn; Do Catholics worship idols?; Worship volume rebuke; An exciting testimony written by contributing writer, Kim Bond; Find out why Mary is not the queen of heaven; Why you can talk about your problems with others; and Why it is definitely okay to dispute, and much more! Read More

Autumn/Winter 2017-18 Debut
Autumn/Winter 2017-18 Debut

This issue contains topics about what the Bible says about race and racism in Christianity, read why Pentecostals need to call themselves Christians, find out why the prosperity gospel hurts Christians, and much more.  Read After the Storm by Pat Jeanne Davis.  Plus, enjoy 20 more Devotional Series Topics in this issue. Read Now…

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Spring/Summer 2017 Issue Launch
Spring/Summer 2017 Issue Launch

In this issue, we explain the judging scriptures in context, we demolish the lies about incest between Adam and Eve’s children, and in Modesty Minute,™ we reveal the commonly misinterpreted Proverbs 31:30 scripture in great depth.  Plus, this issue covers a whopping 30 more, new Devotional Series Topics.  The two newest DSTs in this issue are “The UNusual Suspects™” and “Long Story {Short}.™” Read Now…

Autumn/Winter 2016-17 Debut
Read the Autumn/Winter 2016-17 Issue on awomansaved.com magazine.

This issue contains topics about sodomy and the bible’s warnings about unclean lusts, government haters, what the bible says about Christian dating, topics include what the bible says about perfecting ourselves, and much more.  Plus, introducing the newest DST called Wrong Verses Right. Read Now…

Spring/Summer Issue Debut
Spring/Summer 2016 Issue | AWS MAG Christian Magazine for God-fearing Women and Girls

This issue contains topics that explains grace in more detail.  It is not simply a phrase “unmerited favor.”  Plus this issue shares what the bible says about women preaching, teaching, or speaking in the church and what the bible has to say about certain atheist beliefs we often hear.

Devotional Series Topic Page Created
Devotional Series Topic Page Created

A Devotional Series Topic Page has been created with a listing of all series: MODESTY MINUTE™ PERSPICACIOUS PARABLES™ MOMENT OF TRUTH™ 25 DAYS OF {CHRIST}MAS Devotional Series™ (Limited Edition) Check It Out!  

25 Days of Christmas Devotional Submissions Event
AWS MAG | Accepting Submissions for the 25 Days of Christmas Devotional Series

Start planning your devotional and submit it for publishing this season. Check Out the Submissions Event Page!

Autumn/Winter Issue 2015-16 Debut
A Woman Saved Christian Magazine Online 2015 Issue

This issue contains topics about homosexuality in the church, predestination facts, the history of the devil that show us what we should know about him, plus much more.

A WOMAN {SAVED} Mag-ezine Launch
Christian Online Magazine for God-fearing Women

A WOMAN {SAVED} Mag-ezine Online officially launches as an exclusively digital publication.  No more print constraints and it is 100% free to read.  You have the option to support the ministry of this publication and its Christian contributing writers by donation. This website is awomansaved.com.