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The Unusual Suspects: Mormonism

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A religious sect of people who claim to be Christians, but their doctrine came from a man named Joseph Smith.


Exhibit A.

They claim to be saints of God.

Exhibit B.

They believe in God’s grace and read the bible.

Exhibit C.

They believe in following a doctrine that also supports prophetic teaching.


  • To build a community of Mormons who follow the teachings of Joseph Smith who claimed to get further revelation from God about how to restore the Christian church
  • They add a book called “The Book of Mormon” to their religion written by Joseph Smith
  • To convince people that they have the true Christian doctrines


Mormons are mostly located in Utah. Though they claim to believe in Christ, their doctrinal foundation is not Christ.  Remember, Paul brought the foundation of the doctrine, which is Christ.  They’ve been given a doctrine from Joseph Smith who allowed further teachings from other prophets.   Joseph Smith also became a polygamist through his own revelation.  Joseph Smith also claimed that many bible scriptures were errors and he attempted to fix them through the Book of Mormon.  Joseph Smith got his revelations from an angel called Moroni and by looking into a stone.2


Tell them that although it is true that people of God get revelation. The revelation God gives should not destroy the foundation of Jesus Christ. The revelation of Joseph Smith creates new doctrines and a new religion that Mormons use as their foundation. The Apostle Paul clearly told us that no other foundation can be laid; only built upon. Therefore, anyone who understands the doctrine of Christ that Paul brought will quickly notice that Joseph Smith’s teachings reject it.

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