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The Unusual Suspects: American Idol, Famous, Christian-claiming Singers & Rappers

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They perform ballads outside of the Christian genre.


Exhibit A.

They claim to be Christian.

Exhibit B.

Some claim they don’t compromise Christianity.

Exhibit C.

They use symbolisms and words of faith in their lyrics and sometimes in videos.


  • To convince fans that they are a blessed Christian
  • To be an example to the African American/Southern White/ Hispanic /or other community about how to hustle and handle yourself as a woman or man


Take your pick from famous, top singers who are currently living— and even those who have died. We were just like them in the world before we got born-again; we accepted Jesus, but we did not truly know Him nor understand the magnitude of why He came and what type of lives we are called to live.

These famous “Christian-claiming” performers want you to believe that their lifestyle is acceptable and that God supports it. In fact, some are very quick to become demure in front of a camera when off-stage. This is due to the false teaching that Christianity is simply about being “nice and gentle.” Unfortunately, there was never a transformation where these people left their old life for a new one. You cannot— in truth— have the Holy Spirit of the Living God in you and at the same time ‘shake your behind all up in the television screen,’ support ‘dressing half-naked exposing one’s body (the temple) as a harlot,’ and curse awful words out of your mouth.  Remember God chastises His own, so He would punish them to stop them if they were His.


Does Jesus love these people? Well, sure because He died for everyone, but that does not mean everyone is going to heaven. And it surely does not mean that God is pleased with the spiritual raping of one’s body. The problem is this: If any did not claim to be a Christian, they would not be judged. This is the fatal flaw. If you claim to be a Christian, but your lifestyle says otherwise, you must be judged in the body of Christ because you’re not sanctifying God. Read about judging here. Their example hurts Christianity and I hope they’ll begin to care about that.

Tell the people, who think their musician idol is a Christian, that they must look at what the Bible says about that. Point them to the “Ye shall know them…” scripture. Second, pray for them. Furthermore, help them to understand that having their mindset— by reciting their lyrics and following their flashy trends— is leading them to hell, not heaven. Finally, if you know these famous people, let them know that God is not pleased when people aren’t fully dedicated to holiness. Coming to the truth about following Christ’s words will save their souls. Remember the devil will give you everything if you serve him and these musicians have exposed themselves as serving their sensual, lustful desires of the flesh and the embracing of the basics (rudiments) of how the world runs.

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