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The Unusual Suspects: Scientology

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A science-fiction religion, based on self-knowledge and self-fulfillment with a history of extreme physical, emotional, and psychological abuse from the top down, currently operated by David Miscavige


Exhibit A.

Their symbol is a cross, but their doctrine has nothing to do with Christ. Notice that their cross has an X over it.

Image Source: http://abcnews.com.co/united-states-revokes-scientologys-tax-exempt-status/

Exhibit B.

They use the words “Few are chosen” to describe climbing the ranks of the Sea Org. These words were spoken by Jesus in the Christian bible.

Exhibit C.

Good works, obedience, and dedication

Exhibit D.

The idea of a spiritual afterlife

Exhibit E

A messianic return


  • “To better the mind and the planet”
  • To make financial gains especially by recruiting celebrities who will speak on behalf of Scientology to gain additional recruits
  • To defame anyone who stands against Scientology
  • To create full reliance upon Scientology


  • A writer named L. Ron Hubbard wrote a science fiction book and created the Scientology religion out of his own mind. This idealism became his god and the god of self, and he created a doctrine for his paying followers.
  • Certain strange details surround L. Ron Hubbard such as the facts and fallacies about his Naval medals and the mansion built for his supposed messianic return— from death.
  • The current leader, David Miscavidge, uses L. Ron Hubbard’s notes to create new curriculum levels for people to continue to pay for, and to work on, to obtain salvation. Parishioners strive to please Miscavidge in the name of Scientology.
  • According to several, first-hand accounts, David Miscavidge is extremely violent and highly abusive. Leah Remini first became suspect of Scientology when his wife went missing and Leah’s inquiries were shut down. Secrets are typical in Scientology.
  • They believe everyone is a spiritual being who has lived many lifetimes.
  • They use Dianetics as a means to treat people’s mind with psychotherapy.
  • Religions are open and followers are free to come and go, but Scientology is secretive and physically and mentally locks their people into their belief system. They do not want the outside world to know their core beliefs because the beliefs are far-fetched and based on a non-fiction book.
  • They believe that one’s dedication to Scientology is more important than one’s own interpersonal relationships within their own family. Scientology becomes your teacher, your parent, your life.
  • It’s an oppressive religion where certain people are kept in a place called “The Hole” even for years to be reprimanded for their disobedience to Scientology.
  • The Sea Organization is a way to climb the ranks. Their bases are where the disobedient get reprogrammed through hard labor and interrogation. It operates like the Navy in which Mr. Hubbard used to be in. The bases are built like prisons with barbed-wire fences, locked doors, secrecy, control, and guards. If a woman is in the Sea Org and gets pregnant, even in marriage, it is expected that she will get an abortion or else she will suffer punishment.
  • Famous people of the world, who follow Scientology, do not realize the true lifestyle of an average Scientologist because the famous follower is pampered and given all the support they could ever need. Scientology relies on the status of famous people to make the religion appealing.
  • Scientologists achieve the highest levels by paying for courses to advance spiritually. However, if they reach the top, they will have to go back and pay for additional courses because David Miscavidge repackages and updates courses.
  • Scientology events are produced to convince Scientologists that all their physical and financial efforts are paying off. However, the promotional movies and videos are merely scripts containing deceptions and lies about so-called global statistics and societal impact. The movies are designed to convince Scientologists that the religion is highly effective and growing exponentially.
  • New Scientology buildings are built, but they are empty. They have built them to maintain non-profit status because they cannot store the money.
  • It is typical that members of Scientology will each end up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to the church due to the relentless manipulation.
  • This church organization requires total obedience every day all day.
  • The “Fair Game” Policy is a bullying policy that Scientology claims to have to ended in 1968. Although, defectors claim it is still in full effect. Scientogists use discrediting, stalking, and verbal abuse with the intent to destroy the defector’s lives.
  • “Suppressive persons” are considered disobedient and have escorts, also known as “minders,” to watch their every move. They are known as “Declared.”
  • Uses survellience or hires private investigators at $10,000 a week to get evidence against those who defect.
  • Scientology leaders order “good road and fair weather” letters from family insiders to their family outsiders so that their family won’t file a missing person’s report
  • Scientology uses the first amendment as protection against lawsuits from defectors.
  • Scientology diversity is “about 99.9% white,” but the organization has been attempting recruiting through black Islam’s the Minister Farrakan.

The above information has been taken from a documentary series containing several, on-going accounts of abuse and experiences by former Scientologists who climbed the ranks and see Scientology as a cult. – “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath” Series on A&E; 2016-17


Your mission is to remind the Scientologist of their origin of doctrine, which was created by a sci-fi writer. Their doctrine is based on fiction. Tell them that they do not need to work for salvation. Let them know that Scientology is a devil’s trap designed to keep them away from Jesus; remind them of the counterfeit clues and first-hand accounts through the A&E series.

To defectors, offer comfort and compassion including financial help because many of these people have been robbed of nearly everything and Christians ought to care for the poor. The mindset of Scientology is a lack of compassion. Perhaps through our love, compassion, and show of sincerity to the holy doctrine of Christian piety, they will believe the Truth and be drawn to Christ, the Savior of the world.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.

[5] Beloved, thou doest faithfully whatsoever thou doest to the brethren, and to strangers; [6] Which have borne witness of thy charity before the church: whom if thou bring forward on their journey after a godly sort, thou shalt do well: ~3 John 1:5-6 KJV

Christianity, a religion of “letting the oppressed go free,” waits for Christ the Messiah who already rose from the dead, is alive, gives the Holy Spirit, and will return to judge the world in righteousness. Christianity requires total obedience, a strong moral code, deep dedication, good works after salvation, struggle and difficulty, giving, and an understanding of hard choices to leave certain family members. BUT, Scientology takes these aspects, manipulates them, and then uses them for evil and gain. Ultimately, the defector may have an incredibly difficult time trusting the Christian religion because Scientology steals faith. Keep in mind that Scientology has a cross on its church which is misleading many into initially thinking that it is a church of Christ as they enter its doors. It is a brutal religious, counterfeit lie against Christianity that has the ability to keep people from salvation and to draw them into ungodly bondage.

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