The Final Issue…

Spring/Summer 2019 Issue

The following posts are part of the Spring/Summer 2019 Issue. It is the final issue. Articles that are in this issue contain information about curses and blessings. Read about why Elisha cursed his servant, Gehazi. Read about how to cut off curses in your family. Learn about a godfearing man of integrity that not many Christians know about who kept his vows. Discover why cisgender is not really based on truth. Plus, a few more articles!

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Dear Readers,

This was the second hardest issue I’ve ever done in seven years. The first issue in 2012 was the most challenging, but incredibly fun. This issue was the most difficult because I am running out of things to write.

Typically, I’ve written 25 to 30 articles an issue, but if you noticed, the Autumn/Winter 2018 issue had only 18 articles. Now, this Spring issue only carries 11—counting this one!

I’ve thought a lot about this and it’s important to note that last year, God gave me dream where I finished a race and I won. It was very distinctive to me so I recorded it in my diary. Then, I called my mother as I normally did sometime within that week and my mother told me that she had a dream about me. In the dream I ran a race and I won. I never told her about my dream.

It wasn’t until after I began scheduling this issue that I started thinking to myself, am I done? Because I feel like I have finished this thing that God has appointed for me to do. I feel very weird about it because I have been doing this for so long, but I feel very happy. Yet, I feel like this crept up on me,

“Okay, Spring/Summer issue done… 11 articles? No contributors for the first time? Am I done?” Lol. Then, I remembered the race dream.

Nearly everything I learned in the Bible, I wrote; building many comprehensive articles from stories to doctrine except for some minor prophets and prophecy. Overall, I’ve written nearly 500 articles (since the start in 2012 – half of the articles are not posted on AWoman{Saved}) and I am on my sixth time reading the King James Bible. So, I am okay with it and it has been an incredible journey. If I come up with any more articles about the Bible and doctrine in the future, because I will still be reading and I have a couple unfinished ones, I’ll just add them to this light issue because the gospel should be free to the poor.

Here’s a portion of what I learned:

  • Fear God.
  • Obey Him always. Obedience and right judgement will always be better than sacrifices.
  • Christianity is a religion and it does have rules and a strict and specific doctrine.
  • Headcovering is not required for women, but highly recommended and is not for submitting to a husband.
  • MOST of today’s churches are filled with hypocrisy and lies because their pastors are failing, but for some reason they all believe they are right or that grace covers their hypocrisy, but the truth is grace is not given to unrepentant hypocrites and a whole lot is written about grace so it should never be reduced to two words, “unmerited favor.”
  • Works matter after salvation.
  • The day of repentance is now.
  • God’s truth always demolishes lies.
  • Burn your NIV and MESSAGE Bibles. They are misleading on many levels and I cannot guarantee that is the end of the list.
  • Build yourselves up in your most holy faith, not your most mediocre faith. Think about what holiness visually looks like to an unbeliever or a Jew because chances are, it really looks like that and not like the world. That is the audience you are trying to convince.
  • Christians are slower than they should be.
  • The closer you are to the doctrine, the more you will recognize and accept correlations to the Jewish people.

And here’s the one that might perplex you the most:

  • If a devout Jewish person hasn’t attacked you, or on the contrary–asked you about the Messiah, you’re probably not convincing. This matter is incredibly important to God.

Thank you to every awesome contributor and every loyal visitor. Holy Kisses and all that. The grace of God be with your spirit. Amen.

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