Sins that Ticked Off God

Some people in the church still think they can commit these sins. Learn about them and repent today.

Why You Should Sing To The Lord All The Time

I always wondered where certain preachers obtained the guts to sing on stage when they really did not have a “singing” voice. Through my relationship with God, He taught me that singing to Him is a necessity. So I learned, but only through very difficult times. If you cannot hold a tune, do not worry because once you start singing to the Lord on a regular basis, you will find one. It is highly important to sing to the Lord. Here are several reasons why: ...

How to Be a Godly, Submissive Wife

How do you know if your submission becomes idolatry? What does the Bible say about divorce and spousal abuse? Have you ever wondered if divorced pastors are living in sin? Should women speak in the church? Learn how to have a healthy and godly marriage. Can a godly woman separate from her husband without divorce?

Are You Being a “Light of the World”?

In some communities, there is a lie floating around that have people believing that to expose someone's dirty deed is betraying them. This is called being a Snitch. However, the thought never enters their mind that they are betraying God. Protecting a person, so that they can continue to sin, is joining hand and hand with the devil. Sometimes, it is not about protecting the evil person, but rather protecting oneself or family. In that case, they need to...
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Unequally Yoked

In life, everyone chooses friends. Some friends are believers and some are not. When you enter into a relationship with someone you probably don’t ask yourself: “Should I scramble my eggs with this person?”...