Grace is NOT an excuse to be imperfect.

Grace is NOT an Excuse to be Imperfect

Read how preachers are prostituting grace and contributing to end times apostasy. Using grace as an excuse to live an unrepentant, or lazy, "We'll never be perfect" lifestyle, is not what our Lord intended.

Predestination without a Choice?

God has predestined everyone as either a vessel of honor or a vessel of dishonor. Some say that this means that no one truly has a choice, but this is not true. Because God knows the end of everything, He knows who belongs to Him and so He ordained them from the beginning. This does not mean we do not have a choice to walk with Jesus. We absolutely have a choice. In the very beginning of the book of Genesis,...

Know Your Enemy

If you are unaware of the tactics of your enemy, you are a target. So let's look at what we are dealing with. The devil, once named Lucifer was cast out of heaven because he desired to be God. He wanted to exalt himself above his Creator, so he had to be cast out. First of all, this alone is a great example for people who think that they can live any old way and still be accepted by God. It is just not going to happen. God does not play. We ought to know that by looking at the fact that we, as humans, are made a little lower than the angels...

10 Subjects That Should Be On Your Prayer List

Pray fervently and without ceasing. These are commands to Christians. I love these commands because it reinforces the power we have in Christ Jesus and it also reinforces that God expects diligence from His people. Prayer is hope that manifests, if you are a true Christ believer. He answers the prayers of His children. Remember ladies,...

How to Be a Godly, Submissive Wife

How do you know if your submission becomes idolatry? What does the Bible say about divorce and spousal abuse? Have you ever wondered if divorced pastors are living in sin? Should women speak in the church? Learn how to have a healthy and godly marriage. Can a godly woman separate from her husband without divorce?

Throwing Away the Gift of Salvation… accidentally

What is this lie that is being shared throughout Christianity that “we will never be perfect,” “there is nothing for us to DO,” and what are these lies about what “legalism” is to hinder people from perfecting themselves? The word legalism is not in the Holy Bible. Legalism is defined in Merriam-Webster's Dictionary App as a “strict, literal, or excessive conformity to the law or to a religious or moral code .” If that is the case, then Christians are legalists because the law, or commandments that we diligently adhere to, have not been done away with---as some would suggest---because we restrict ourselves from the freedom to sin, lest we die. The comparison of legalism to the hypocrites that Jesus rebuked, misleads many Christians into thinking that the hypocrite's hypocrisy was all about their strict adherence to the law and...

The Godly Working Woman

As many of us know, working away from the home is a common desire for women in this world. We are taught repeatedly that women should build successful careers outside of the home. However, when God's word says “keepers at home,” it has been changed so that even now, many say “keepers of the home.” This “of the” subtly changes the meaning so that it sounds like it is equally acceptable for a wife to work away from the home, therefore supporting the worldly ideals of career-building.

Debunking 7 Christian Headcovering Myths in Christianity

Over the years, many ideas have been formed about the validity or nature of Christian headcovering. In this article, I will precisely explain and debunk seven of the most common headcovering myths in Christianity today by breaking down the scriptural passages in depth. By the end of this article, you should be able to conclude that although headcovering is not a custom, nor an act of submission to a husband, it is highly recommended by the Apostle Paul for us as Christian women. You will also see that I do not heap up "teacher references," but rather the word of God is clearly laid out and well-interpreted.