Grace is NOT an excuse to be imperfect.

Grace is NOT an Excuse to be Imperfect

Read how preachers are prostituting grace and contributing to end times apostasy. Using grace as an excuse to live an unrepentant, or lazy, "We'll never be perfect" lifestyle, is not what our Lord intended.
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Let’s Be Clear: What is Self-righteousness?

Many Christians think self-righteousness means that someone is highly religious. However, God doesn't hate pure religion or a strict manner of holy doctrine nor does the Bible tell us to despise it. The Bible gives us four, main examples of self-righteousness.

Hearts Waxed Gross

When Jesus spoke this parable to the crowds, He told His disciples that He did it because the people's hearts were disgustingly fat with ignorance. Because of this, they could hear His word, but they could not receive it unless they decided to have a change of heart so that He could heal them (See Matthew 13:15 KJV). Jesus explained His parable above to His disciples. Here is what He said:...
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Promiscuous Girl

Read this article about how Jesus Christ changes hearts. He saved a formerly promiscuous girl from the ways of the world, washed away her sins, and gave her a new life.