Sins that Ticked Off God

Some people in the church still think they can commit these sins. Learn about them and repent today.
Prostituting Grace - Image: Ruined Garment

Prostituting Grace

What does the Bible mean when it talks about ungodly men turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness? Read why it's so profuse in our churches today.

Wrong Verses Right: Galatians 2:21 KJV

"I do not frustrate the grace..." Many Christians use this scriptures to justify that works are no longer necessary and if one becomes religious, they are frustrating the grace.
Grace is NOT an excuse to be imperfect.

Grace is NOT an Excuse to be Imperfect

Read how preachers are prostituting grace and contributing to end times apostasy. Using grace as an excuse to live an unrepentant, or lazy, "We'll never be perfect" lifestyle, is not what our Lord intended.