Consuming Christ - (Image: Communion cup of wine with unleavened bread)

Consuming Christ

What did Jesus mean when He said "eat my flesh" and "drink my blood"?

Hope for a Better Tomorrow

The bible tells us that if your brother---meaning your member in the body of Christ---sins against you, go and tell them their sin. This gives them an opportunity to apologize, repent, and seek heartfelt reconciliation. Read this contributor's article...

Are You Unworthy To Take Communion?

Have you ever considered the depth of the importance of being worthy to take communion? Some take communion somberly remembering the crucifiction of what the Lord endured for us. Some take it happily remembering that we are set free. These things are true, but they are not the entirety of what we need to focus on.
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Be a Charity Church Member

Be a Charity Church Member This article is for youth. I love the word charity.  It expresses so much more than basic love.  Charity is about giving to others from the heart and from the hand.  It is about thi... Read More...
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Unequally Yoked

In life, everyone chooses friends. Some friends are believers and some are not. When you enter into a relationship with someone you probably don’t ask yourself: “Should I scramble my eggs with this person?”...