Sins that Ticked Off God

Some people in the church still think they can commit these sins. Learn about them and repent today.

How to Be a Godly, Submissive Wife

How do you know if your submission becomes idolatry? What does the Bible say about divorce and spousal abuse? Have you ever wondered if divorced pastors are living in sin? Should women speak in the church? Learn how to have a healthy and godly marriage. Can a godly woman separate from her husband without divorce?
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Learning to Be Raped 1000 Times

I am happily married. However, it wasn't always like this many years ago. I was an adulteress. How I got to that point was through a series of “unfortunate events.” I promise you, it was never my life's goal. One of the ways that started me down the promiscuous road was...
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Promiscuous Girl

Read this article about how Jesus Christ changes hearts. He saved a formerly promiscuous girl from the ways of the world, washed away her sins, and gave her a new life.
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When Your Pastor Cheats

Read what the Bible says about cheating pastors. How should your church react if or when your pastor cheats on his wife causing a church scandal?