Do You Really Want Your Freedom of Speech Violated by Trump?

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Recently, Donald Trump’s campaign in Chicago was shut down by protestors. Many of them were peaceful especially those who were outside, but a select few were raging on the inside. Donald Trump responded to this by saying that his freedom of speech was being violated.

This is a lie because it was shut down by the people, not by the government.

If Donald feels that protesters are violating speech, then as president he may use his power in the government to prevent them from protesting.

This would be the government violating the people’s freedom of speech, which as most of us can see is un-American.  Do you see where this man could take America?  We know his reactions because this is how he handles situations; rashly.  Every time he speaks, the world gets a snapshot of his pride and desire for control.

Shut down the spin.  Furthermore, take a good look at the lies out of his own mouth.

Really?  People, calling themselves Christians, actually follow this man after all of the comments that he has made to the contrary out of his own mouth within the past month.  Most politicians have to dig for hypocrisy back to 1985.  Not so with Trump. Talk about blindness upon the people.

Trump reminiscing about the “good ol’ days” of people being carried out on a stretcher.

Trump telling his crowd how he’d like to punch the protestor in the face.

More incidents of Trump inciting violence to his crowds telling them that he would pay for the legal fees if they knock the hell [out of them].

Trump and freedom of speech.

Shut down the spin, both with Trump’s lies and the comments from those who support his wickedness, by exposing them.  People have a right to protest the rise of a lying dictator who calls himself a Christian, but is nothing more than a hypocrite who consistently expresses his love of money and himself.  Shine a light upon the darkness and pray for this country.