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Read the Christian Headcovering Doctrine

Go ahead and click that title…  or read my story first.

I was a hairstylist for over a decade so wearing a headcovering was the last thing on my mind. I thought that curlers, tired housewives, Cancer patients, other cultures in other countries, and the Amish needed headcoverings. So, even years after being saved, it was not on my Christian agenda. Then one day, while reading the headcovering scriptures (on about my fourth time reading through the entire Bible) I stopped to ask myself a question to reply to Paul’s statement.

“Why be contentious?”

This question changed my life and I would like to share what I found after studying and dissecting these headcovering scriptures for six months with prayer about this topic, which I say not to boast but to inform that I did not take this lightly.

Christian Headcovering Doctrine

The internet revealed nothing about my discovery because of long-held popular, Christian headcovering beliefs.  No, not even at the most well-known, headcovering blog.  Plus, there wasn’t a Christian headcovering magazine online.

Yet, my huge revelation opened up a few other questions I had to answer. Questions like:

“Isn’t Christian headcovering legalistic?”

“Isn’t Christian headcovering religious?”

“Isn’t Christian headcovering not important?

Discovering the answers to those questions through more intense Bible-study helped me to discover strong false doctrines in the world today.

Do you understand?

This revelation about the Christian headcovering doctrine ultimately exposed the most prevalent false doctrines we are seeing today.  I’ve written about many of them too.

In other words, when anyone is blind about what they believe such as “Christian headcovering is no longer needed,” we shut the door to understanding major concepts in the Bible.

This is what was happening to me prior to 2014. Every time I read through the Bible, I approached the topic of headcovering and decided that I basically understood that it was “no longer necessary” as my church had taught me.  So, I never had those little questions pop into my head.

As the founding editor, A Woman {Saved} magazine developed out of a previous print magazine because of these new discoveries. It changed my views and raised me to a level in Christ I could have never imagined.

I wrote about Christian headcovering here and I certainly hope you glean from this headcovering blog post.  It has the ability to change your life for the better or to help you to continue in the fear of the Lord.

Christian Headcovering Magazine

This magazine supports headcovering.  Now that I understand it so well, I am excited to defend God’s word and I hope you will be too. Please read on and share this supportive Christian headcovering magazine and the headcovering doctrine with your friends.

I refer to A Woman {Saved} as a Christian headcovering magazine because this place fully welcomes all women who believe the headcovering doctrine, wear one, encourage it, and want to talk about it.

If you are new to it, leave a comment. Talk about your apprehensions or your journey.

Read it here.

4 Responses

  1. Kim

    I wear a headcovering to church and have been considering full-time covering. I do fear judgement and having to explain my decision to so many. However, personally, I see the beauty of the headcovering and what it represents. How has you wearing one affected you spiritually and in your daily life?


      Thank you for your comment. I’m so excited God is doing amazing things in your life. Yes, it is definitely an interesting challenge being around brothers and sisters who have been taught the legalism doctrine or that headcovering is not important, but you are making a difference.

      Head covering has affected me spiritually in two ways: I definitely feel I increased grace in my life and it also serves as a constant reminder of how others perceive me. Before the headcovering, a lot of men and women made assumptions about me based on my looks. Women were often jealous or unengaged. In fact, all but one of the Christian friendship parables and stories I’ve told up until this point were pre-headcovering. After I began wearing the headcovering, most women in the world are much nicer to me. They don’t assume the worst of me and men don’t look me over. I feel like I can finally be myself–the reborn self that God created and is perfecting because I’m not having to spiritually beat down the assumption walls. However, I definitely get ignored, the underlying labeling judgment, or get the curiosity questions in church settings because head covering churches do not exist in my area. The former example is a constant reminder that I know the world sees my heart for God. This is awesome!!! Visuals matter. Yet, both examples encourage me to live up to a higher standard. God bless you!


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