Paris Attacks: Why Islam and Christianity are NOT Twin Religions of War and Peace

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I ran across an article posted on The Conversation.  It was by Phillip Almond, a professor of research in the History of Religious Thought.  He wrote this article, where he quoted Jesus using this scripture to compare violence in both Islam and Christianity,

“Think not that I am come to send peace, but a sword.” ~Matthew 10:34 KJV

Unfortunately, he took this scripture completely out-of-context and compared Christianity to Islam as a twin religion; both capable of violence and peace.  In the context of this whole scriptural passage, Jesus is talking about how one should love God more than their own family and that can cause problems because your own family may not want to serve God.  This causes a rift, or a division such as a spiritual sword, between family members because the one who puts God first may have to separate from the one who puts the world, heresy, or sin first.  Peace does not exist between a person who is called to be holy and righteous and a person who chooses to live in sin because they can no longer abide together.  One loves the world and the other leaves it.  One removes God and the other exalts God. Furthermore, the “sword” is also the Word of God, who is Jesus.  It is not a literal “man-made” sword.  Islam, on the other hand–calling themselves “a religion of peace,” fails when their violent sects blow up people, slice their heads off, and use other violence-based, targeting tactics on crowds that they do not even know personally.  Jesus is not their sword; their sword is man-made.

As we see in the manner of Jesus’ death, and that of His disciples such as Peter and Stephen, a Christian’s ultimate death in glorifying God is that unbelievers end up killing them 1 as they willingly surrender without resisting evil, which glorifies God. 2  However, to be precise, Christians do not have a death wish.  ISIS or ISIL, in upholding the Quran, feels that committing suicide by strapping a bomb to themselves and engaging it in crowds to take other people’s lives glorifies God.  They think their death constitutes a reward of seventy-two virgins in Paradise.3  Unfortunately, murdering people on earth to gain a harem for one’s self is divergent to the Christian belief of denying self.4  Their suicidal action glorifies the devil whom they are serving because the devil comes only to steal, to kill, and to destroy.

It is important to note that if certain so-called “Christianity” sects become physically violent, it is because of the hubris of people who misunderstand the scriptures or who are living in sin.  This could include statements by false preachers, reference manuals, or articles by professors. If people called themselves Christian and then pulled an “ISIS,” they would not be Christians at all.  Therefore, no logical comparison can be made about Islam and Christianity if a person removes God from the equation, or simply does not know Him, because their response merely defaults to “remove religion” or “coexist.”  

God exists. I know Him personally.AWS Editor