Perspicacious Parables

Jesus began speaking in parables because the people’s hearts were filled with their own beliefs. Therefore, they could hear Him, but could not understand. Jesus discovered that there was no point in trying to speak plainly to them, so by using a parable based on truth, either they would think about it or they would remain perplexed. In hearing, they would not hear and in seeing, they would not see.

These parables are not from the Bible, but they are based on actual events.  Go ahead and tease your brain and see if you can figure out these true story parables.  In some, hints are included.

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The Two Workers in a Field

Once upon a time, there was a worker in a field. This clever worker spotted a new worker entering the field that she worked and so she greeted the new worker.

“Hello, I am so glad to see you in this field. A friend of mine has left and I was wondering if you would join me?”

The new worker responded, “Certainly, I will join you.”

So the two workers began to work, but the clever worker spoke to the new worker, “You know, I should lead the way and you should follow.”

“Oh,” said the new worker, “but I have been working for many years. We should continue side by side and let the inexperienced ones follow.”

So week after week came. The two workers again met in the field, but they also met in the city to pray.  Sometimes the clever worker would pray out loud that the new worker would see her problems and fix them.  The clever worker would say,

“Oh Lord, please help this new worker to see that she needs to fix this problem that she has.”

This shocked the new worker because she never asked for it, but she felt that this clever worker needed grace and so continued to keep the peace.

The next week came and they worked in the field.  The clever worker began,

“My field manager can help you in your work. Follow the path I create.”

“Oh yes. I know our field manager. I also know the way, for I have studied the manual in full over four times and have been well-taught.”

So another week came. The two workers again met in the field and the new worker spoke,“Please entreat the field owner with me. For my child is not well and he can help her and she will soon be well.”

“Your child!” exclaimed the clever worker, “Yes, let’s entreat the field owner because he can help you and you need to understand that your child is a great burden. Your child needs serious help. You probably have never endured such difficulty before. Come with me and I will bring you to my field manager also so that she can assist you too.”

“Oh my,” sighed the new worker.  “Please do not worry.  My child will be fine. I have been through this before. All will be well.”

But the clever worker insisted, “Follow me. There is still much you can learn. I can lead you in the right direction.”

“With all due respect,” pleaded the new worker, “I have been hired by the field owner who has given me my skillset. I would like to continue on with you, but side by side.”

The clever worker frowned.

This continued for the next six months.  Then, the new worker speaking in frustration said, “Every week you seek to guide me and every week I tell you that I have already been taught. When can we move forward from meaningless assumptions?!”



The workers are Christians.

The field is the church.

The field owner is God.

The field manager is a church layman.

The manual is the Bible.

What does the clever worker want?

The answer will be revealed as soon as the right comment is posted.

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