Perspicacious Parables

Jesus began speaking in parables because the people’s hearts were filled with their own beliefs. Therefore, they could hear Him, but could not understand. Jesus discovered that there was no point in trying to speak plainly to them, so by using a parable based on truth, either they would think about it or they would remain perplexed. In hearing, they would not hear and in seeing, they would not see.

These parables are not from the Bible, but they are based on actual events.  Go ahead and tease your brain and see if you can figure out these true story parables.  In some, hints are included.

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Parable: The Two Coats

Not long ago there were three workers; a male and his wife and another female. Their master had specifically commanded them, that in order to keep their jobs, they needed to be a worthy example to all outsiders. If they were, they would be rewarded for gaining more who might work too.

It wasn’t long before the three workers attended a funeral where there was an outsider who joined them. Together, they packed up the belongings of the deceased. It was at that time that the female worker kindly gave an expensive coat, that she purchased for the man who was now deceased, to the male worker who was very grateful. Then, they all parted ways.

Months later, the outsider, who met with them at the funeral, fell on hard times and stayed with the male worker and his wife. The outsider was very ungrateful, self-centered, and lacked discretion, but since she was homeless and had nothing except the clothes on her back, they took her into their palace.

In the middle of the night, the outsider, who had become pregnant during her stay, sought out the female worker and calmly cried,

“Please help me to get my coat back.” (For the outsider used to be a coat-maker.) “The male worker will not give it back to me.”

Immediately, remembering what her master said, the female worker tiptoed to the nearby space not far from her bed, so as not wake her husband, and exhorted the male worker who was arguing with the outsider.

“Man worker!” She pleaded in a high whisper through a message box, “What are you doing?! The master will be angry if you do not return her coat.”

But, the male worker plugged his ears and would not hear as she quietly, but urgently pleaded with him, at least, seven more times before she returned to bed. Finally, he threw the coat to the outsider.

The next morning, the male worker’s wife called to the female worker and scolded, “You were yelling and screaming at my husband. You are not right because the outsider gave it to him.”

The female worker replied, “But woman, if the ungrateful, homeless, and pregnant outsider gave him the coat, even though he already has a coat from me as well, and is now “stealing” it back, shouldn’t your husband return it… with interest… in order to please the master?”

“No, you are wrong with your yelling and screaming ways.”

So the female worker took in the pregnant, female outsider until the master sent her back to her place.♥



The workers are Christians.

The outsider is not.

What are three main qualities that the male worker lacks?

Answer will be revealed when the right response is posted.
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