Perspicacious Parables

Jesus began speaking in parables because the people’s hearts were filled with their own beliefs. Therefore, they could hear Him, but could not understand. Jesus discovered that there was no point in trying to speak plainly to them, so by using a parable based on truth, either they would think about it or they would remain perplexed. In hearing, they would not hear and in seeing, they would not see.

These parables are not from the Bible, but they are based on actual events.  Go ahead and tease your brain and see if you can figure out these true story parables.  In some, hints are included.

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Parable: The Righteous Judge and the Deaf Men

Once upon a time, the holy and righteous Judge said,

“I’ve freely sacrificed My only Son for you and have given you My Holy Spirit to help you. I did this because you chose to believe My Word and follow My Son. This Gift to you is your salvation. Now, work it out by love, fear, and obedience to Me with your entire being because My law is written in you. I also command you to love your neighbor and your enemy because I will repay for the evils they give to you. Remember, your good works prove your faith. So, do not do what your flesh wants, but choose to put on My Spirit, with My Word, and be completely clean so that you will abound in my favor. This gives you keys to the kingdom.”

And certain people said,

“You heard the Man. We’re hopeless sinners who will never be perfect. Thank God for His favor. Too bad about those who didn’t get chosen because they’re legalistic.  Now, we must humbly love and accept hypocrites, but kill our enemies… I mean… protect our families with guns.  This is righteousness.  God is with us no matter what because we claim His Son’s name. Let us pray He comes quickly so we can live with Him.”

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