Perspicacious Parables

Jesus began speaking in parables because the people’s hearts were filled with their own beliefs. Therefore, they could hear Him, but could not understand. Jesus discovered that there was no point in trying to speak plainly to them, so by using a parable based on truth, either they would think about it or they would remain perplexed. In hearing, they would not hear and in seeing, they would not see.

These parables are not from the Bible, but they are based on actual events.  Go ahead and tease your brain and see if you can figure out these true story parables.  In some, hints are included.

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Parable: The Reacher and the Breacher

In a land, not so far away, there lived a perceptive church woman who happened to meet another church woman of similar age. They began a conversation and soon the perceptive church woman was delighted to discover that they had something in common. It wasn’t long before the perceptive church woman sought her new friend out with visits and playdates, which the other church woman never declined. However, after nearly a year, the perceptive church woman noticed that her new friend never sought her out to meet with her.


So she confronted her to let her know that she was hurt.

“I really want to fellowship with you, but this friendship is very one-sided and I just cannot take it unless you change and apologize.”

The other church woman replied, “Apologize for what???”  Then, she said to herself, “Because she has said this to me so directly, I feel it is uncomfortable to continue in this any further.”

Therefore, she never responded back to the perceptive church woman.♥

What is the fundamental problem with the other church woman and how should she have responded according to God’s word?

Answer will be revealed when the right comment is posted.
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