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In this issue, read topics about whether or not it is right to carry a gun to protect others as a Christian, loud worship volume in the church, find out why it is okay to dispute the scriptures, find out why you can talk to people about your problems, and much more. Plus, read an exciting testimony from a new contributing writer, Kim Bond and more devotional series topics.

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My Salvation Testimony

Contributing Writer Kim Bond

“….and those who will live in heaven are named in the Book of Life,” my friend said.  He had already mentioned Jesus at least ten times that night.  In fact, he had mentioned Jesus every time we were together.  I already knew the gospel, but I did not believe one word of it.  Maybe Jesus had once lived on Earth, but he was most certainly not God because there was no god.  All of creation could be explained by science, and I did not have one experience with this God my friend claimed to know so well.  I simply could not tolerate another word about this dead man named Jesus or this fictional book called the Bible. I knew our friendship had to end.

After my friend had left for the night, I was all alone at my house.  I sat down in the living room to write him a letter.  I stated the things I liked about him.  Then I got to the point.  I was disinterested in continuing our friendship.  Feeling free of him already, I closed the letter and folded it up.  Then I stood up and walked to the kitchen.  I glanced at the clock.  Then it happened.

I heard a booming voice proclaim,

“God is real, and the Bible is truth!”

My body was warm and tingly.  I got chills.  I felt I should kneel or bow, but I returned to the living room and sat on the couch instead.  I thought, “How could this be? God is real! Everything my friend had said was true!” I was overwhelmed with joy.

The next day I explained to my friend what had happened to me the night before.  He was thrilled and said I should get baptized.  I agreed and was soon baptized at a local non-denominational church.  My friend and I drifted apart, but my faith grew.  I read my Bible every day and attended church on a weekly basis.  My desire to know God more drove me to change my lifestyle.

I wanted to become holy and blameless, but that was beyond my abilities.  Over time, God empowered me to live a more holy life.  He took away my desire to go to clubs and lead a worldly lifestyle.  Later, he gave me the strength to stop smoking.  I told more and more people about the love of Jesus and eventually went on a missionary trip to Russia.  Later, I visited Israel to learn more about Jesus and the lands of the Bible.

It has been over twenty years since I first heard that booming voice in my kitchen.  The Lord has done so many miraculous things for me since that day.  He has blessed me with a beautiful family.  In every up and down in life, he has been a father and a friend.  Now, I cannot imagine life without him.  I know one day everyone who believes Jesus is the Son of God that died on the cross and was raised to life will join me in heaven to sing of his praise.   Cite this article: Please update the Accessed or Retrieved date (September 13, 2015).

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