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Horoscopes tell people who they are according to their day, month, or year of birth.

I used to be into them.

They caused me to judge people by what the horoscope said.  In other words, whom I would get along better with, whom I was destined to be with, and whom I should avoid.  The horoscopes tagged me with a name and an identity and told me that my identity was only compatible with certain other identities.  What I ultimately discovered was that although there were some facts that were in-line with my life, most of it just wasn’t true.  Interestingly though, the power of telling me who I was made me want to fit into that personality even more.  I actually used to claim that identity to others.

But this was wrong and I lost a lot.

The horoscopes were lying to me because I entered into many friendships and relationships with people who stabbed me in the back or who led me down the wrong path just because the horoscopes told me that certain connections that I made were going to be good ones.  The real deal is that horoscopes divide people rather than reconcile people.  I’ve had friendships that have ended because a person began to look at horoscopes to decide whether we would ultimately be compatible as friends or not.  In fact, there were several times when I found a great friend who was supposed to be my enemy in the horoscopes, but I always had this looming thought,

“We are not compatible so she is probably going to do this, this, or that.”

What a crazy bunch of lies and a cycle of death for forming lasting relationships.  Many who believe in this divination activity cannot see that they are completely wasting their time.  Horrifying.

It was hard for me to throw away my books about horoscopes at first because I just felt like I needed its guidance.  Now I hate them and I realize it was a demonic stronghold causing me to desire to look at them.

If you are into horoscopes, burn them so that no one else can get their hands on them.  Please look to the Lord and see what He has to say about relationships.  The Lord aligns us into a right relationship with Him and with one another when we are born into His kingdom.  There are no divisions of “this person being born in this month or that month so you just won’t be able to get along with them” stuff.  The only divisions that matter are dividing yourself away from sin.  When we follow God’s design, He leads us to life.  Find out the horrifying truth about horoscopes. Tags: #Christianity #Church #JesusSaves Click To Tweet


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  1. Kat

    The wisemen in the Bible were astrologers. God created the stars and the meaning in every bit of His creation. I have a very dear friend who is a holy woman and astrologer and she has helped me understand God’s perfect plans for my life as it relates to the seasons I’m going through. Its all God!


      Thank you for sharing. However, using the stars as a map is different from using Horoscopes and it is certainly not godly to put your faith in it.?


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