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A Woman {Saved} Magazine was established through Devotion Magazine in 2012.  Countless hours were spent writing, editing, and publishing the original content, which shares the gospel in truth and works to publish accurate doctrine to expose false doctrines.  A Woman {Saved} Magazine also published skilled, Christian women writers who love Jesus with their whole lives.

Scriptures about supporting those who labor in ministry:

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Do not muzzle the treading ox (prevent him from eating of his labor) while he works to tread out the grain:

Who goeth a warfare any time at his own charges? Who planteth a vineyard, and eateth not of the fruit thereof? Or who feedeth a flock, and eateth not of the milk of the flock? Say I these things as a man? or saith not the law the same also? For it is written in the law of Moses, “Thou shalt not muzzle the mouth of the ox that treadeth out the corn.” Doth God take care for oxen? Or saith he it altogether for our sakes? For our sakes, no doubt, this is written: that he that ploweth should plow in hope; and that he that thresheth in hope should be partaker of his hope. ~1 Corinthians 9:7-10 KJV

The Lord ordained that those who preach the Gospel should live of it by those who glean from it:

If we have sown unto you spiritual things, is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things? If others be partakers of this power over you, are not we rather? Nevertheless we have not used this power; but suffer all things, lest we should hinder the gospel of Christ. Do ye not know that they which minister about holy things live of the things of the temple? and they which wait at the altar are partakers with the altar? Even so hath the Lord ordained that they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel. But I have used none of these things: neither have I written these things, that it should be so done unto me: for it were better for me to die, than that any man should make my glorying void. ~1 Corinthians 9:11-15 KJV

It is good to submit to those who addict themselves to the ministry of the saints and to those who help and labor in the ministry:

Let all your things be done with charity. I beseech you, brethren, (ye know the house of Stephanas, that it is the firstfruits of Achaia, and that they have addicted themselves to the ministry of the saints,) That ye submit yourselves unto such, and to every one that helpeth with us, and laboureth. I am glad of the coming of Stephanas and Fortunatus and Achaicus: for that which was lacking on your part they have supplied. For they have refreshed my spirit and yours: therefore acknowledge ye them that are such. ~1 Corinthians 16:14-18 KJV

Paul, abasing himself, when others have used extortion (2 Cor. 11:20 KJV). He was supported by brothers from Macedonia and he also took wages from other churches to help this church in order to avoid requiring it of them:

Have I committed an offence in abasing myself that ye might be exalted, because I have preached to you the gospel of God freely? I robbed other churches, taking wages of them, to do you service. And when I was present with you, and wanted, I was chargeable to no man: for that which was lacking to me the brethren which came from Macedonia supplied: and in all things I have kept myself from being burdensome unto you, and so will I keep myself. ~2 Corinthians 11:7-9 KJV

Paul explaining that if they have partaked in spiritual things, their duty is also to minister to them carnal things.

[26] For it hath pleased them of Macedonia and Achaia to make a certain contribution for the poor saints which are at Jerusalem. [27] It hath pleased them verily; and their debtors they are. For if the Gentiles have been made partakers of their spiritual things, their duty is also to minister unto them in carnal things.~Romans 15:26-27 KJV

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