Grace is NOT an excuse to be imperfect.

Grace is NOT an Excuse to be Imperfect

Read how preachers are prostituting grace and contributing to end times apostasy. Using grace as an excuse to live an unrepentant, or lazy, "We'll never be perfect" lifestyle, is not what our Lord intended.

Know Your Enemy

If you are unaware of the tactics of your enemy, you are a target. So let's look at what we are dealing with. The devil, once named Lucifer was cast out of heaven because he desired to be God. He wanted to exalt himself above his Creator, so he had to be cast out. First of all, this alone is a great example for people who think that they can live any old way and still be accepted by God. It is just not going to happen. God does not play. We ought to know that by looking at the fact that we, as humans, are made a little lower than the angels...
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Be a Charity Church Member

Be a Charity Church Member This article is for youth. I love the word charity.  It expresses so much more than basic love.  Charity is about giving to others from the heart and from the hand.  It is about thi... Read More...