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Are Christians Against Homosexuals? Umm.. No

Warning: This article discusses the topic of sodomy, human sexuality, and other unclean lusts.

Homosexuality is an offset of sodomy where men and women turn away from the natural use of the body. However, sodomy focuses on all men who may commit oral or anal copulation, or bestiality. So, no, Christians are not against homosexuals. Christians are supposed to shine a light upon darkness and evildoings to stir up repentance because the punishment is eternal fire. Authentic Christians hope the sodomite will understand that their sin will send them to hell. Unfortunately, certain Christians have made homosexuality the ultimate sin, when sodomy is the point.

Wouldn’t it be complete hypocrisy if I call a sodomite to repentance and then commit other acts of sodomy or say that I am a Christian, but support their sodomy?

Of course… and God hates hypocrisy even more than sodomy.

Whether of them twain did the will of his father? They say unto him, “The first.” Jesus saith unto them, “Verily I say unto you, That the publicans and the harlots go into the kingdom of God before you.” ~Matthew 21:31 KJV [Jesus speaks to the hypocrite telling them that the tax collector and prostitute will enter before a hypocrite.]

Well, it’s common knowledge that prostitutes commit many forms of sinful lusts with their bodies, especially sodomy. Therefore, hypocrisy is worse to God if the harlot could go in before the hypocrite. This does not mean that sodomites are saved, but it does mean that if they didn’t know that sodomy was a sin and they were modern-day sex slaves who believed in Christ, chances are in their favor. Read about the harlot Rahab in the OT whose faith saved her.

Why Call to Repent?

God is holy. He hates sin. However, some people do not know what sin is. They generally have an idea, but their own ideas blind them from the truth. Therefore, God ordains Christians — if they continue to follow His doctrine— to help people to know that it is important to turn to God and turn away from their sins.

A Christian is a righteous person who calls people to repentance. This call came from God.

Let me explain:

Science tells us to wash our hands after we go to the bathroom. Why? Because we could transfer E-coli bacteria to ourselves or others, which would make us very sick or cause internal malfunctions in our body. Many people will agree that if you know a person who does not wash their hands— that’s disgusting.

In the same way, God made the body and specifically tells men that sodomy is a sin. He calls sodomy an abomination, which means “it’s disgusting.” Moreover, as I just explained in the previous paragraph, science says we should wash our hands because of wiping the private area.

God’s words are similar, “Don’t put your mouth — or your private— where it does not belong because it is not holy” and will harm the body.

So, the individual who supports the sodomite cannot see that they probably would be disgusted if they knew a person (e.g. a waitress; a chef; a salesman; a nail-biter, etc.) who left a restroom and didn’t wash their hands. Unfortunately, the supporter does not make the connection that the sodomites whom they support do the exact same thing except with their mouths. Thus, supporters rarely distinguish between the holy and the profane. Only the holy distinctions brought by God can help them to understand. Moreover, the church-going, Bible-toting Christian who calls homosexuals to repentance, but commits sodomy in their marriage or fornicates as an unmarried person is also a hypocrite.

When the hypocrite removes the pole from their eye, they can see clearly how to remove the splinter from someone else. In other words, Christians who uphold the standard call the sodomite to repentance because we’re loving them knowing that we also were sinners in times past. And sodomites are not just homosexuals. Cite this article: Please update the Accessed or Retrieved date (September 13, 2015).

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