Advertise Online | A WOMAN {SAVED} Mag approves Christian advertising that supports the ministry rather than taking away from it.

Here are the Benefits:
  • Affordable Rates
  • Gleaning from traffic and advertising. (This website generally has a 0% bounce rate.  This means that people usually stay.)
  • Readers have an average rate of 2 pageviews or more followed by high numbers at 3, 4, and 6.
  • Traffic visibility at the end of 2018 was around 8,700 visits a month with a consistent 0% bounce rate.  Depending on the time of the year, especially around new issue releases in March and August, traffic can rise to 12,000 a month. A Woman {Saved} mag main traffic is through organic search and visitors access mostly via mobile and desktop. Mobile access is twice as popular against desktop. Tablet access is rare.
  • Mobile duration is about 2m 20s, desktop is 1m 58s, and although tablet is the least used device, readers stay about half a minute longer.
  • We have been blocking referrer spam for years.
  • Although this magazine specifically targets women, as of January 2019, half of its readers are males that just began growing in 2018. Males stay two minutes longer than females.
  • Google Analytics 2018 stats for A WOMAN {SAVED} readership: This magazine is reaching the MILLENIALS and GENX! 1
  • At the end of 2018, Millennials are the largest readership. 65+ is the smallest for 2018. All the other brackets trail right behind the Millennials with a slight descent: 35-54, 45-54, 55-64, 18-24, 65+.
  • Highest countries by order for 2018: U.S., Canada, U.K., Nigeria, India
  • Loyalty Rate for 2018: Highest is 1 visit per user only, Next Highest is 100 or more visits per user (This is good.). Third Highest is 2 visits only. Followed by 3, 4, then 16-25 and so on.
  • The rest of the stats below were from May 2018 and have not yet been updated.

  • The Savior Sanity Company Facebook audience is mostly female. It used to be all female but has seen a 4 percent increase in male followers. Additionally, the overall age demographic has evened out with a slight increase for each older generation. A steady increase has occurred with the Millenials who used to be the smallest audience at 2.6 percent, but now the smallest audience is 13-17. Interestingly, the least online readership audience who are 65+ is found as our biggest Facebook following.
  • Slider Location:  Clean and Simple Ad Spot (Linked to your website or product)
  • Your ad shared on our social media accounts (Approx. 2500 authentic followers, not bought, plus hashtag traffic.)
  • A 7-Day Trial Period (This is the approval time.  If you are not approved, you will not be charged.)
  • Cancel at any time


Ad Guidelines

Please read the Ad Guidelines to avoid unnecessary selection.
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The Company does not accept Ads with images or text containing or implying:

Sensuality, Inappropriateness, Seduction, Domineering nature, Sexuality or sex, Ads that suggest worldliness or fame and how to obtain it, All Incompatible religious or secular beliefs, Pharmaceutical or illegal drugs or their health institutions who recommend or provide such things, as well as Gambling, Extortion, Politics, Most network marketing and mlms, Designer clothes, Make-up, Nail polish, Tampons, Prescription or prophylactic birth control, Jewelry, Most supplements, Most local-only Ads, Unacceptable linking or Incompatible Referral, or Whatever the Company deems unacceptable.

The Company will consider Ads for:

Skincare, Haircare, Basic (Non-fashionable) Headcoverings, Holy (Not Lax) and Modest Christian books, hymnal music, movies and media, Reputable Christian Literary Agencies, Affordable and simple, (not boastful or ornate) modest apparel (without jewelry accessories, flirty models with makeup, or high heels), Modest Dolls for Girls, Anointing Oils, Holy Bibles (KJV, NKJV) Christian stores, Christian Homeschooling and Creation, Christian missions and National or Global U.S- Located Christian Outreach whose giving exceeds 80% or Reputable Adoption agencies for women and children, Pro-life, Abstinence, Affordable Vehicles, Affordable Christian education, certain Christian conferences, Home organization and care, Food, National Insurance, Christian Drug Treatment Facilities and Effeminate Counselling Centers, School and office supplies, Coupons, reasonable gifts, or discounts for any of these categories, or Whatever the Company deems acceptable.  

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