My mom used to make homemade bread. She would knead it and let it rise and then after it rose, she would repeat the process. Apparently, that repeated pressing, pounding, and kneading would help the yeast to distribute evenly and effectively throughout the dough to create a perfect, baked loaf.Christian Online Magazine Devotionals

I do not know much about making homemade yeast bread, but I can relate to what I saw. Making a great loaf of bread is a process much like working out our salvation is a process. When times were difficult, I discovered that God was pressing me back down so that I could effectively rise again. However, that pressing can feel more like heavy blows, but God knows what He is doing. If God has pressed into you and you are feeling it, the Master Baker is helping you to become more effective so that you can rise to the occasion when the heat turns up. So press back with obedience and be faithful. God loves you. 


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