25 Days of Christmas Devotionals Day 24Count your blessings if you’ve never had a bad one; HOAs could be loved, but they often choose to be hated. Why? Because they tend to have senseless rules for the neighborhood they govern. This can be especially taxing during the holidays.

HOAs would be loved by their community if their guidelines were reasonable. For example, an HOA should make sure that property resale value is maintained, that exterior housepaint colors are cohesive, that the community appears—and is— family-friendly, and that the owner has fair use with the investment they’ve made. Instead, HOAs stir up anger, create unfairness due to nit-picking one home and ignoring another, or come up with standards which are absolutely good-for-nothing because what they perceive as a problem does not actually affect anyone or anything. An HOA can easily measure how well it does its job by the response from its own community.

Well, thank God for the Lord’s rules because they are excellently established. If we abide in faith and Spirit perfectly, we have the confidence that our spiritual home value will not go down, our church will be cohesive, we will grow in love, and eternally enjoy our investment. The response from God’s community is “Praise the Lord!”

Praise ye the Lord . Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord, that delighteth greatly in His commandments. ~Psalm 112:1 KJV  

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