25 Days of Christmas Devotionals Day 23Almost everyone has heard of the candy cane story. The “J” illustrates the name of Jesus, the red represents the blood He shed, and the white depicts purity. What a cute lesson for children.

I thought I might take it a bit farther because I looked up the definition of cane and discovered the magnitude of how fitting it has been for me.

What is a cane?

: a short stick that often has a curved handle and is used to help someone to walk

The Word of the Lord embodies a cane, which helps me to walk out my faith.

: a form of punishment in which a person is hit with a cane or stick

The Lord chastised me and made my crooked paths straight.

: the hard hollow stem of a plant (such as bamboo or reed) that is used to make furniture and baskets

A cane symbolizes the Lord’s sure foundation wherein I can rest, yet it’s flexible enough to grant me mercy, hope, and forgiveness for the journey.

Knowing the Lord, would you agree? Share your thoughts. 


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