25 Days of Christmas Devotionals Day 20This was the year that I discovered raw honey.

Now maybe I am late, but I purchased a brand called WeeBee Honey and I haven’t turned back since. I added it to a cup of hot tea one afternoon when I was suffering from allergies. It was then that I felt immediate relief.

Yeah. What was in this stuff? So now I drink it every time the allergies act up.

It is funny how God created honey using little things. He used an insect and some flowers to prove His point about simple, little things that create an amazing result.

Man can’t even top that.

Honey has an abundance of benefits.  It is the one food in life that will never–ever–go bad no matter how long it sits on the shelf.

Perhaps during this chilly holiday season, you could curl up with a hot cup of tea with raw honey, drink it while you read the Bible, and think about the little things that God does every day that we do not even realize.

Think about Joseph and all the years he waited for God’s favor, and then all of a sudden, in one day, he went from a prison cell to being second in command next to Pharoah.

Woah. What were all the little things God was doing to lead up to that point?

By little and little I will drive them out from before thee, until thou be increased, and inherit the land. ~Exodus 23:30 KJV

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