25 Days of Christmas Devotionals Day 19Have you ever gone Christmas caroling? I think I may have when I was younger, but it probably was only a dream.  I could not imagine Christmas caroling nowadays because some neighbors think it’s fine to shoot you if you enter their yard space, which is sad, but the Word of God warns us about the rampant lack of love and empathy in these last days.

Christmas caroling probably started as a way to share the gospel through singing. Just think of all the caroling words rejoicing about the Lord’s birth.  Those Christian singers probably practiced and practiced with one another to present their message in the best possible light.

Caroling seems like an amicable, welcoming activity.  Can you recall a time when neighbors were neighborly; when pies, casseroles, and cookies were delivered from home to home and people sat on the porch and waved awaiting a chat with the next passerby?

Do friendly neighborhoods and Christian carolers, like this, still exist?  If so, comment about it.  If not, remember to pray for your neighborhood this season so the cold hearts might melt.

Carols for the season: Here’s a list of (modern, yet classic-sounding) Christmas carols uplifting the Lord.

Praise Carols: Christmas Carols for Contemporary Worship Vol 1
Praise Carols: Christmas Carols for Contemporary Worship Vol 2
Top 25 Christmas Carols by Maranatha! Christmas (8 out of 13 are specifically Christ-centered.)
Emmanuel by Beckah Shae (10 out of 12 are specifically Christ-centered)
Sing Christmas! Worship Service Resources 25 Holiday Piano Tracks
A Christmas Masterpiece: Classic Carols and Worship Songs by The Voices of Praise Choir  


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